HK$1,199 HK$1,149
eDollar 回贈$11
HK$1,199 HK$988
eDollar 回贈$9
HK$1,899 HK$1,150
eDollar 回贈$11
HK$1,850 HK$1,799
eDollar 回贈$17
HK$3,499 HK$2,749
eDollar 回贈$27
HK$5,499 HK$4,290
eDollar 回贈$42
HK$4,390 HK$3,490
eDollar 回贈$34
HK$2,790 HK$2,250
eDollar 回贈$22
HK$2,380 HK$1,799
eDollar 回贈$17
HK$2,690 HK$2,680
eDollar 回贈$26
HK$3,699 HK$2,990
eDollar 回贈$29
HK$2,499 HK$2,099
eDollar 回贈$20
HK$5,899 HK$4,390
eDollar 回贈$43
HK$5,999 HK$3,990
eDollar 回贈$39
HK$12,990 HK$8,690
eDollar 回贈$86
HK$5,999 HK$5,950
eDollar 回贈$59
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