German Pool UV-C Plasma Air Purification Fan EFB-PC30


German Pool UV-C Plasma Air Purification Fan EFB-PC30
Plasma purification system to purify the air, sterilize, and deodorize
UVC LED sterilization system to ensure clean and sterile air
HEPA 13 high efficiency filter filters 99.9%* of pollutants in the air
Two-way filtration system to capture PM2.5 suspended particles in all directions
Bladeless air jet technology, strong wind speeds up the purification effect
Air purifier and fan are two-in-one, so you don’t have to worry about storage
Patented slim shape, fashionable style and space saving
* Test report: GTTC #190119945


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Plasma purification

Inhibit virus, sterilize and remove odor

The new UVC plasma air purification fan is equipped with a plasma generator to release plasma to purify the air, effectively removing suspended particles, bacteria, odors, volatile organic compounds and even suppressing viruses in the air, reducing the concentration of pollutants to improve air quality.


Absorb the suspended particles in the air, make it heavy and fall away from the breathing area.

Bacteria and viruses

Combines with bacteria and viruses in the air, decomposes proteins, and destroys the structure.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Convert volatile organic compounds into non-toxic substances such as moisture or carbon dioxide.

Smelly gas

Oxidize and neutralize peculiar smell gas to remove odor.

HEPA13 high efficiency filter

Eliminate pollutants

Equipped with HEPA 13 high-efficiency filter, especially adopts double-layer design, composed of primary filter and HEPA filter layer, can capture PM2.5 suspended particles, and efficiently filter 99.9%* of pollutants in the air, and remove harmful indoor substances Catch it all in one go.

* Test report: GTTC #190119945

Special effect UVC LED

Kill bacteria without dead ends

The brand-new UVC plasma air purification fan uses strong UVC radiation with wavelengths of 270nm-285nm to efficiently destroy bacteria and microbial DNA structure, kill 99.9% of the bacteria in the body and on the filter, and blow out clean and sterile air.Activate the UVC sterilization function with one key of the remote control, which provides an extra layer of protection for the health of you and your family.

Two-way filtration system

Capture pollutants in all directions

The slim body of the new UVC plasma air purification fan has ad hoc front and rear bidirectional arc air inlets, which can greatly increase the air suction volume and capture and filter pollutants in the air in all directions.

Leafless air jet technology

Speed ​​up the purification effect

The powerful airflow pushes up from the base at an extremely fast speed, and is sprayed out through the narrowed air outlet specially designed according to aerodynamics. The wind is extremely strong, which promotes the circulation of indoor air convection, and blows plasma to every corner of the room to accelerate the purification effect.

The wind is farther and stronger

Best air supply range

The new UVC plasma air purification fan is equipped with an automatic swing air supply function of about 80°, and an air outlet 30° up and down adjustment angle, and even the ideal air supply range provides you with a steady stream of comfortable cool breeze.

Best partner for air conditioner

Energy saving without sacrificing comfort

In the cool breeze mode, the strong airflow can accelerate the indoor air flow while being comfortable and cool. It can be used with the air conditioner to evenly blow the cool air to every corner of the room. You only need to maintain the temperature of the air conditioner at 25.5°C, which is cool and saves electricity.

Patented slim profile

Fashionable and stylish

The new UVC plasma air purification fan adopts a patented slim design. The base is only about 23 cm. It has a smaller footprint and saves space. It can get rid of the limitations of traditional tower fans and can be used in narrow locations.Its minimalist style is an inevitable choice for stylish home furnishings.

Special Design

Fanless design

It is safer and easier to clean because it will not hurt your hands if you touch it by mistake.

Supplied with remote control

Comes with a wireless remote control, remote control all functions.

Ultra-quiet technology

Operate as low as 55 decibels, rest and sleep at ease.

Multiple wind speed options

9 levels of cool breeze options, let you choose the most ideal wind speed.

8 hours timer

Long timer function, easy setting of blowing and shutdown time.

Random Accessories

remote control

HEPA13 filter element
Want to replace the filter element?Purchase a replacement HEPA filter cartridge to maintain the purification power for a long time! Buy online now

UVC plasma air purification fan

Technical specifications
  • Body / product features
  • Model / Sub-model
  • Power (maximum)
    35 W
  • Colour
    Silver grey
  • Size
    (H) 800 (W) 235 (D) 230 mm
  • Package dimensions
    (H) 870 (W) 285 (D) 260 mm
  • net weight
    3.45 kg
  • Total weight with packaging
    4.8 kg
  • Voltage
    220 240-V
  • Filter category
    HEPA 13
  • Filtration/purification system
    Plasma & UV disinfection
  • Performance and characteristics
  • control panel
    Touch switch,
    Full-featured wireless remote control
  • Timing setting
    8 小时
  • Safety protection
    No fan blade air supply, overheating protection
  • Applicable area
    50.4 m²* / 100.8 m²^
  • Wind speed selection
    9 wind speed
  • Random Accessories
    Wireless remote control, HEPA 13 filter
  • Others
  • Warranty period
  • Safety certification/international standard
    GS, RoHS, CE, CB
  • *Calculated based on the assumption of 6 air changes per hour
    ^Calculated based on the assumption of 3 air changes per hour
  • Product specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.The product warranty policy is subject to the "use and installation instructions".
weight 10 kg
Size 40x40x40 cm

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