I can't find the accessories I want or I don't know what it is,
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Custom PC

Must include: CPU, Mainboard, RAM, SSD or HDD, chassis, power supply and assembly services to place an order. "Get share link" is available for share and backup.

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  • You can place an order directly after picking
  • For inquiries before placing an order, please share the list with us for easy inquiry.
  • Customized PC Hotline Whatsapp 96167882 (click this link).
  • All orders must be paid successfully and verified by the staff before they are confirmed.
  • All "Assembling Computer Only" products must include: CPU, chassis, RAM, SSD or hard drive, chassis, power supply and assembly services before purchase.
  • All "Assembling Computer Only", there is a limit on the quantity of each individual purchase. Exceeding the limit will suspend or cancel the order.
  • If the computer parts and accessories ordered are incompatible, the order will be suspended, and we will contact the customer ASAP.

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