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Desktop computer



Industrial application

With the rapid growth of enterprises, IT requirements are also full of challenges.In such a highly competitive environment, ASUS deeply understands that stable quality and reliability, as well as more flexible IT solutions, are key indicators for companies to increase productivity and provide flexibility in investment decisions.This is why we never stop innovating.ASUS considers your business needs and provides a full range of solutions to bring you and your customers closer together.  

Company size

We value the needs of businesses of different sizes.The wealth-generating tools required by small self-employed studios and independent retail stores, small companies’ investment considerations in IT budgets, the expansion flexibility that medium-sized companies need for rapid growth, and large companies’ computer configuration and IT security management for different job content, ASUS With a complete product line to meet your different needs.


ASUS has always been committed to designing and providing a full range of commercial products to meet the needs of different commercial users, including commercial displays, digital signage, multi-purpose high-performance mini computers and projectors.Whether you are a retail, enterprise, government or educational institution, ASUS commercial products can meet your needs and provide solutions.

  • ASUS Commercial Display
    The professional design of ASUS commercial monitors makes it a usable, multi-effect and reliable ideal choice for commercial monitors.
  • ASUS multi-purpose high-performance mini computer
    ASUS Vivo Mini PC has a multi-purpose modular design suitable for all applications and meets your needs.
  • ASUS projector
    The design of ASUS LED projectors has won numerous awards.Portable design, user-friendly interface, and high-quality visual effects make it the choice for portable or small meetings.
  • ASUS wireless router
    Provides the network functions and reliability required by enterprises, and is designed for companies that gradually grow and become outstanding. ASUS wireless routers can help you connect successfully.
  • ASUS workstation
    The ASUS workstation also exhibits powerful and excellent performance under continuous use, and supports Error Correction Code (ECC) memory to automatically detect and repair unit memory errors, reduce the chance of system crashes and data corruption, and ensure Reliable and responsive workstation performance.
  • ASUS server
    ASUS server solutions are most suitable for processing computing-intensive workloads that require scalability, density, and performance, including high-performance computing (HPC), data analysis, data center operations, and private cloud applications.
  • ASUS Commercial Motherboard
    ASUS commercial motherboards have stronger security, reliability and manageability, and are equipped with ASUS Control Center software to make IT endpoint management easier.
  • ASUS exclusive software program
    ASUS exclusive software program provides a convenient and easy-to-use solution for digital signage content display and remote management of digital signage.