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Centralfield has been providing computer products tailored to customers’ needs since 1983. Products include vast varieties of DIY hardware, BTO (Built-To-Order) PCs,  Brand Notebooks / Utrabooks, Monitors, Printers, Smartphones, Accessories, Networking hardware and other Digital products.Through our growth and development over the years, we have built and maintained solid relationships with our prominent multinational corporation partners such as  Acer, ASUS, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung,  etc. Combined with our extensive experience in computer retail, these bonds have greatly contributed to our long-held position as one of Hong Kong’s market leaders in the industry.

We established our SME department in 2002 as a computer products supplier and service provider for local business clients. Ever since, our SME department has grown to include a larger client base of not only small and medium enterprises, but also corporations, government departments, and educational institutions.

In 2012, Centralfield continues to expand store fronts to fulfill the market’s ever growing demand.

In December 2013, we have further strengthened our relationship with HP. Now, as HP’s Gold Partner, we offer the full range of HP products to Hong Kong companies.

In January 2015, we partnered with ASUS and opened a new ASUS Pro-Shop.

In 2016, we further developed our own website’s online shopping platform and sought opportunities with third party online sales channels. We have become an active supplier for HKTVMALL since. As a result, our company’s online business has been steadily increasing.

In 2020, we partnered with MSI and launched hkstore.msi.com – MSI HK Authorized Online Store, so that customers can conveniently shop for MSI products online.

In 2021, we established ProArt Shop with ASUS to provide professional design specific computer products for video content creators.

If you want to know more about us, please visit  https://www.centralfield.com and Facebook fans page.

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關於 Centralfield Computer Ltd.

Centralfield 始創於 1983 年,業務主要為客戶度身訂造電腦設備。 除了主力銷售 DIY 硬件及個人組裝電腦,並搜羅各知名品牌的筆記型電腦、平版電腦、顯示器、打印機、智能電話、周邊配件、網絡產品及其他數碼產品以供選購。經多年來的發展,一直與多間國際知名電腦企業保持良好合作關係, 其中包括 英特爾、微軟、華碩、宏碁、三星、惠普、聯想等等…成為緊密的合作伙伴,使本公司在行業中成為領先者之一。

2002年成立 SME 部門,專注服務本港中小企業。該部門多年來茁壯成長,除中小企業外,現更成為各大型機構大學院校政府部門認可並樂於採用產品及服務之提供者。


2013年12月,進一步與HP合作,成為HP Gold Partner,為本港企業提供全線HP產品。

2015年1月,與 ASUS (華碩) 加強合作開設 ASUS 專門店,主要推廣 ASUS ROG 產品。

2016年,努力拓展本公司及其他網購平台。現時已經成為本港著名網購平台 HKTVMALL 活躍供應商之一。交易額穩步上揚。

2020年與MSI合作,開設 hkstore.msi.com – MSI HK Authorized Online Store, 讓顧客可以網上直接選購多款 MSI 高效能手提電腦產品。

2021年與 ASUS (華碩) 開設了 ProArt Shop 為影像創作者提供專業設計工作的電腦產品。

想了解更多我們的信息,請留意  https://www.centralfield.com Centralfield 官方網頁及 Facebook fans page

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